It is definitely there:


<!ELEMENT context (transactionManager, dao*)+>

<!ATTLIST context






BTW You should use the DTD located at apache, http://ibatis.apache.org/dtd/dao-2.dtd


From: Agilan Palani [mailto:agilan@bntasia.com]
Sent: woensdag 5 oktober 2005 14:47
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Multiple Databases - Multiple Context




            I need Ibatis to provide access to two different databases.

            After going through the forums I found that it can be achieved by

            1. Configuring two <context> tags in the dao.xml,

2. While getting the DAO objects, use the following method

            getDaoManager().getDao(UserDAO.class, contextId ) to retrieve the objects,

            they would access the correct database defined for that context.


            Question here is how do I define/declare a contextId to the <context> ?

            I checked the http://www.ibatis.com/dtd/dao-2.dtd and there is no way that

I can specify an ID to the context tag.


Is there any other way to do this?



Thanks in advance