Thanks a  lot! It works.
I had another question as well. I want to select a full table of data; (Select * from User) .
How can I collect the result? (I have a class & beans for each row & an array list to store the rows).

Mithra Rajah


From: [] On Behalf Of Larry Meadors
Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 11:53 AM
Subject: Re: How to set up a select map

Three ways:

1) Use "where value like #property# and put the pattern in your property.

2) Use "where value like '%' || #property# || '%'and put the value in your property.

3) Use "where value like '%$property$%" and put the value in your property.

The last option will open you you up to SQL injection, and is generally bad practice. It also does not take advantage of some database vendors' execution plan caching.


On 10/26/05, <> wrote:
I want to do a pattern matching search on the database; for e.g select all rows that have text "ab" in them. The text can occur independantly or embedded. How do I do a pattern matching Select with the IBATIS map?

Mithra Rajah