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From Matthew Hixson <mhix...@activerain.com>
Subject Abator question
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2006 04:11:34 GMT
I just installed the latest Eclipse Abator plugin and created an  
abatorConfig.xml with the following.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE abatorConfiguration PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation// 
DTD Abator for iBATIS Configuration 1.0//EN"

   <abatorContext>    <!-- TODO: Add Database Connection Information -->
       <classPathEntry location="/tmp/sqljdbc.jar" />

     <javaModelGenerator targetPackage="test.java" targetProject="/ 
tmp/Abator_test" />
     <sqlMapGenerator targetPackage="test.xml" targetProject="/tmp/ 
Abator_test" />
     <daoGenerator type="IBATIS" targetPackage="test.dao"  
targetProject="/tmp/Abator_test" />

     <table schema="activerain" tableName="my_table">



When I right click on abatorConfig.xml and select Generate iBATIS  
Artifacts it tells me:

Generation Warnings Occured
   Table configuration with catalog null, schema activerain, and  
table my_table did not resolve to any tables

What is a "catalog" and where do I specify it in the config file?

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