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From "Albert L. Sapp" <as...@uiuc.edu>
Subject Re: Phantom data results??
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 21:01:27 GMT
I have run into the same thing where anything done outside of the 
application (isql*plus or enterprise manager) does not appear in the 
results from a query inside iBatis.  We found if we restarted the tomcat 
server that the activity done outside the application was now visible to 
the application.  We stopped modifying table data directly and all 
interaction is now through the application.  If we absolutely have to 
work outside the application, we know we must do a restart of the tomcat 

It has been a while since we had to deal with this so we never really 
tried to find out why this happens.  Something to do with data caching, 
I am sure.  We know that we will have the problem, so we just deal with 
it the way we know works.


cmose wrote:
> Hey all,
> I'm mostly an ibatis noob and having quite a bizarre problem, for me at
> least, with ibatis returning phantom results on some test queries.
> Basically, is there any caching happening with Ibatis behind the scenes that
> I should be aware of?? Right now I'm using a simple data source and letting
> ibatis handle the conneciton pooling and etc., I seem to be having a
> situation where queries in the ibatis mapping file return results different
> from those same queries pasted into Oracle's isql*plus (e.g., the queries
> run from ibatis only return results if they were inserted using ibatis).
> Ibatis seems to be using a phantom table when it's running it's inserts and
> queries, that completely ignores anything that has been done to the table
> via isql*plus (e.g., pasting the sql code from the mapping file directly
> into isql*plus yields vastly different results then running it using
> ibatis).
> Now I realize that something could be wonky with isql*plus, but I'm more
> likely to believe a configuration or use error on my part then isql*plus not
> working correctly.
> Thanks much!!
> As an aside to this, is there anything in particular, configuration wise or
> functionality wise that I sould worry about when using a singleton
> SqlMapClient across a dozen or so classes? 
> (sorry if this was a repeat, I received a nabble confirmation in my email
> and made the mistake of assuming that was also the list subscription
> confirmation for which I received another email after already having posted
> this, ergo I'm uncertain whether or not the original message actually went
> out - thanks for your patience ;-) ).

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