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From "Adam Klein" <Adam.Kl...@aqr.com>
Subject bug in javabeans setter (ComplexBeanProbe.java)?
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 20:40:37 GMT
Apologies if this is posted twice, I don't think my first one made it.

I had implemented defensive copying on my javabean setter methods - ie, so the value of the
bean would be set to a COPY of the parameter  - while the getter would return a direct reference.
 Then, when I was trying to set keys in an (uninitiailized) HashMap object to values like

<resultMap id="myResultMap" class="MyClass">
	 <result property = myDouble 		column="value0" />
       <result property = myHashMap.Key1 	column="value1" />
       <result property = myHashMap.Key2 	column="value2" />

I got a very strange result: of the values in myHashMap, only the value of myHashMap.key2
would be set; in general, the first key of an (uninitialized) HashMap would never be assigned
a value. I traced the reason to the ComplexBeanProbe.java file, in the setObject method: it
called the method setObject(parent, property, child) prior to calling setProperty(child, property,
value), which meant that the parent.child object no longer referenced the child object by
the time the code attempted to set values on the child object (due specifically to my defensive
copying).  If myHashMap is initialized to an empty HashMap value on creation of MyClass, there
are no problems.

The question is, is this just a symptom of defensive copying, or is this a bug, where setProperty(child,
property, value) should be called first?

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