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From "Celaya, Tina \(GE Indust, ConsInd\)" <tina.cel...@ge.com>
Subject stored procedures
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 17:26:47 GMT
I have this for my stored procedure
  <resultMap id="salesmxRM" class="Classes.SalesMX">
    <result property="anio" column="ano"/>
    <result property="mes" column="mes"/>
    <result property="transaccion" column="transaccion"/>
    <result property="documento" column="documento"/>
    <result property="cliente" column="cliente"/>
    <result property="fecha" column="fecha"/>
    <result property="vencimiento" column="vencimiento"/>
    <result property="producto" column="producto"/>
    <result property="cantidad" column="cantidad"/>
    <result property="precio_unitario" column="precio_unitario"/>
    <result property="subtotal" column="subtotal"/>
    <result property="iva" column="iva"/>
    <result property="fecha_pago" column="fecha_pago"/>
    <result property="pago" column="pago"/>
    <result property="moneda" column="moneda"/>
    <result property="tipocambio" column="tipocambio"/>
    <result property="transaccion_re" column="transaccion_re"/>
    <result property="documento_ref" column="documento_ref"/>
    <result property="picklist" column="picklist"/>
    <result property="programacion" column="programacion"/>
    <result property="distribucion" column="distribucion"/>
    <result property="sininv" column="sininv"/>
    <result property="credithold" column="credithold"/>
    <result property="entered" column="entered"/>     
    <result property="cantidad_so" column="cantidad_so"/>
    <result property="estatus" column="estatus"/>
  <parameterMap id="salesMxMap" class="map">
    <parameter property="id" jdbcType="INTEGER" javaType="java.lang.Integer" mode="IN"
  <procedure id="salesReportDetail" parameterMap="salesMxMap" resultMap="salesmxRM">
    {call ld..getExtractoSales(?)}
I have the class SalesMX that contains all the properties listed in the salesmxRM resultMap
with the getter and setter method for each one, but i´m getting this error
--- The error occurred in persistence/salesMX.xml.  
--- The error occurred while applying a result map.  
--- Check the SalesMX.salesmxRM.  
--- The error happened while setting a property on the result object.  
--- Cause: com.ibatis.common.exception.NestedRuntimeException: Error setting properties of
'Classes.SalesMX@174aa60'.  Cause: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
can anyone help me? i´m new at this, and im trying to call a procedure with ibatis in different
ways but i can get it to work.... i´m working with microsft sql so the parameterMap OUT ORACLECURSOR
does not work for me, and i tried to upgrade to 2.2.0 and i had the Can't start a cloned connection
while in manual transaction mode error, so i went back and tried to do it with the resultMap
and parameterMap but i need help with this setting a property error

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