Also be aware that JBoss allows you to override the servlet spec too with respect to classloading though I doubt that's your problem.  Regardless, if its in server/default/lib then it should have scope across all WARs/EARs at runtime.

Have you tried using the 3.1 PRODUCTION driver instead of the 5.x development driver as a sanity test.  It works fine for me on JBoss 4.0.4.GA.


On 8/8/06, Larry Meadors <> wrote:
Where is the iBATIS jar? It should be using the Thread's context class
loader to find the driver, but something may be going sideways there.

Is it possible to deploy the mysql jar in the same location as the ibatis jars?


On 8/8/06, Eric VanWieren <> wrote:
> Sorry,
> I failed to mention that this is being deployed as a WAR file on JBoss 4.x
> running on a Mac
> Eric

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