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From David Gagnon <dgag...@siunik.com>
Subject Refcursor and postgresql how to make it work ?
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 00:23:55 GMT
Hi all,

  I have seen how to map an oracle refcursor here:

I tried to make it works with postgreql 8.1.4 and the latest driver 
without success. 
I know Postgresql complain about jdbcType="cursor" that why I put 
jdbcType="OTHER".  This doesn`t work :-(  I just get an empty list.

More resultMap element is not allowed in the DTD for a parameter 
element... Is that normal?

Any idea how to make it works will be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards

    <resultMap id="transactionRequestResultForItem" 
        <result property="id" columnIndex="1" javaType="java.lang.String"/>
        <result property="companyId" columnIndex="2" 
        <result property="requestDate" columnIndex="3" 
        <result property="source" columnIndex="4"/>
        <result property="quantity" columnIndex="5"/>
        <result property="balanceBefore" columnIndex="6"/>
        <result property="balanceAfter" columnIndex="7"/>

 <parameterMap id="transactionRequest.getListByItem.output" class="map">
        <parameter property="o" javaType="java.sql.ResultSet" 
jdbcType="OTHER" mode="OUT" esultMap="transactionRequestResultForItem" />
        <parameter property="itemId"  jdbcType="varchar" mode="IN"  />
        <parameter property="warehouseId"  jdbcType="varchar" mode="IN"  />

    <procedure id="transactionRequest.getListByItem" 
parameterMap="transactionRequest.getListByItem.output" >
        { ? = call usp_Catalogue_Inventaire(?, ?, 100) }</procedure>

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