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From "Hycel Taylor" <hyc...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Unavailable DTD
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 18:21:54 GMT
Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, changing the DOCTYPE and using a file:// URL is not a
good solution for us.  It would create more problems than it would

May I make a few suggestions for you consideration?

Have you considered defining an XSD instead of/or in addition to a
DTD.  I prefer them over dtd's and have been using them successfully
for validation all of my XML schema's for about three years now.
XSD's are easier to turn or off in an XML schema that needs them for
validation.  An XSD can be very simple or very complex, inheriting
from other XSD's and including other XSD's.

Also, might you consider having an IBATIS_HOME environment variable.
Now, that we can use them again in Java 1.5 it would be a nice
feature.  It would lend better control over where one could place
their SQL maps, Dao and property files.

On the Dom4J tip.  I found you opinion interesting.  I've been using
Dom4J going on for years now in every major project I've worked on.
Personally, I love this API.  It's clean and simple to use.  I
primarily write back end feed application that move hundreds of
thousands of rows of data, to billions of rows of data in small to
huge xml files.  The xml files range from the simple to the very
complex.  In every case, Dom4J has been my API of choice and has
performed flawlessly.  It has an excellent Dom parser for quickly
loading and reading complex XML configuration files.  It has a
extremely fast and versatile SAX event parser for traversing huge XML
files quickly and very efficiently.

I'm only defending Dom4J, here, because I get a little disappointed
when harsh statements are made about an API with out full disclosure
and defense of such statements.  It's the same way I feel when someone
says to me Hibernate is better than IBatis with out giving any
foundation of their opinion because and it is simply not true.  Each
has it strengths and are better suited for particular architectures.

Please, be more mindful of the statements you make in the future.
Someone may miss the opportunity to use a great API that is perfect
for their needs.  Such as IBatis.

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