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From Christopher.Mathru...@sybase.com
Subject RE: SQLMap validation at startup?
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2006 16:24:40 GMT
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<DIV dir=ltr align=left><FONT color=#0000ff size=2><SPAN 
class=345562316-05092006>If you use Spring all SQL Maps get loaded and validated 
at startup.</SPAN></FONT></DIV><BR>
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<FONT face=Tahoma size=2><B>From:</B> Matthew Hixson 
&lt;mhixson@activerain.com&gt; [mailto:Matthew Hixson 
&lt;mhixson@activerain.com&gt;] <BR><B>Sent:</B> Friday, September
01, 2006 5:22 
PM<BR><B>To:</B> user-java@ibatis.apache.org<BR><B>Subject:</B>
validation at startup?<BR></FONT><BR></DIV>
<DIV></DIV>Was wondering if there was any way to get iBatis to validate that all

<BR>of the SQLMaps are sane at startup time instead of whenever a <BR>business

object is used. What I want to do is prevent having to run <BR>through the 
code/deploy/login to webapp/test/get exception process 3 <BR>times when I have 3 
typos in my SQLMaps. <BR><BR>Not that I'm bitter. <BR><BR>-M@ 

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