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From "Gwyn Evans" <gwyn.ev...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: iBATIS v2.2.0 Beta
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 14:16:31 GMT
Hmm, I can see why -
http://www.apache.org/dev/release-publishing.html#repo-upload is about
as much use as a chocolate teapot, as it's either talking about Maven1
or it's  "TBD"...

For an 'external' user, my 'how-to' would be as follows, but from
'inside', I can't tell yet.  (I'm involved with Wicket, which is
looking to move to Apache - For the start we'll be in the incubator
but if we carry on through, we /will/ be publishing to ibiblio, so
it's information we will be digging out, albeit not in the near

I've replicated the 'work' area at http://www.javaguy.co.uk/ibatis/
but I've not (yet?) raised any issues to have the new release added,
as you might have views on the jar renaming, etc.

(By the way, I don't use DAO, but have flagged it as being dependent
on common - is this actually so?)


HOW-TO for an 'external' user
(May not be accepted, as the ASF has it's own upload method)

1) Download latest release and extract the .jar files
    - e.g. http://cvs.apache.org/dist/ibatis/ibatis.java/builds/iBATIS_DBL-

2) Create work area (Maven2-Upload/External) with subfolders common, dao, sqlmap

3) Copy release jars into respective subfolders, (and this is a
contentious bit[1]) renaming to <artifact>-<version>, e.g.

4) Copy the poms.xml from the previous version and update the versions
and dependencies.(I've filled in all the missing info in the 2.2.0
versions, as the current ones don't have all the info they currently

5) Create the 'bundle' distributions to be uploaded
    $ cd common
    $ jar cvf ../ibatis2-common- *
    added manifest
    adding: ibatis2-common- = 85587) (out= 78823)(deflated 7%)
    adding: pom.xml(in = 616) (out= 295)(deflated 52%)

    $ cd ../dao
    $ jar cvf ../ibatis2-dao- *
    added manifest
    adding: ibatis2-dao- = 61191) (out= 53503)(deflated 12%)
    adding: pom.xml(in = 814) (out= 338)(deflated 58%)

    $ cd ../sqlmap
    $ jar cvf ../ibatis2-sqlmap- *
    added manifest
    adding: ibatis2-sqlmap- = 322368) (out=
281449)(deflated 12%)
    adding: pom.xml(in = 817) (out= 340)(deflated 58%)

    $ ls -1F

6) Upload to JIRA at

[1] If I was doing this from scratch, I probably wouldn't, but the
earlier uploads have also been renamed to clearly show the versions,
so I'm siding with continuing the practice.

On 06/09/06, Larry Meadors <lmeadors@apache.org> wrote:
> On 9/6/06, Gwyn Evans <gwyn.evans@gmail.com> wrote:
> > What's best for you?  Pom or dist plus a short 'how-to' to do it
> > yourselves added to the issue, or just want it done with the how-to
> > for next time?
> The ideal solution would be a HOW-TO that would help us keep it
> up-to-date with each release. I know that apache has a MVN repo that
> is mirrored and that we can write to it...I am just not sure *what* we
> need to write to it.
> Larry

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