If you do decide to implement XML support, I don't recommend doing it this way.... :-)

Instead, I'd add a couple of methods:


Which would allow the mapping to still be to a Hashtable or a Domain Class, but it would translate the properties or Dictionary key/value pairs into the XML document structure. 

The way that it's implemented for iBATIS for Java right now is cool, but it is somewhat limiting and creates the need for duplication if you want both XML and Beans or Maps. It also creates problems with lists of results and the semantics for retrieving .  Right

In any case, hope that helps.


On 9/26/06, Gilles Bayon <ibatis.net@gmail.com > wrote:

On 9/26/06, Rahul Singh ( Anant ) < rahul.singh@anant.us> wrote:
> Has this functionality filtered down to the .NET version yet?
> Rahul


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