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From Mr Li <kopio_z...@yahoo.com>
Subject Multiple ejb jars and singleton DAOManager
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 09:45:23 GMT

I'm currently assigned to a large project that requires individual ejb modularity.

In this case, its a standard app->service(sessionEJB)->db(ibatis) design.

The problem with this, is that different people will work on different service ejbs and the
boss wanted seperate DaoManager(dao.xmls) for each service. 

Well, this design should work perfectly for CMP as the datasource is assigned by the container
during deployment, but for ibatis this would mean a different daomanager for each service
which would make it very error prone, although it uses a 'pre-agreed' jndi datasource.

But practically, this would mean multiple daomanager for single datebase app and jndi name
could very well change right? The potential datasource misconfigure disaster is what I'm afraid...

Forcing a single daomanager singleton design would break this 'ejb modularity concept' and
would create bloated dao.xml and sqlmapconfig.xml files my boss says...

Anyway, is there any global-dao.xml where one could be use to assemble multiple dao.xml as

Any advice?



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