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From Timo Schnölzer <tschnoel...@nsdcom.de>
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2006 17:47:08 GMT
Hi Folks,

I have to include lots of sql parts into a select statement. These parts follow a rule and
I want to use

<include refid="#partSpec#_part" /> or <include refid="$partSpec$_part" />

Is there a way to do this???

Thx for info


Here is my example:

	<select id="getObjectListByFilter"
		SELECT DISTINCT #returnType#,
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="typinfo">

		e.schema_id, e.data_value AS VALUE, (SELECT full_text FROM
		schema_text t WHERE t.schema_id = e.schema_id AND t.data_value =
		e.data_value AND language_id = 35) AS label FROM equipment e
		WHERE e.schema_id IN (
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="typinfo">
			<include refid="typinfo_part" />
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="fabrikat">
			<include refid="fabrikat_part" />
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="baureihe">
			<include refid="baureihe_part" />
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="aufbauart">
			<include refid="aufbau_part" />
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="abgas">
			<include refid="abgas_part" />
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="antriebsart">
			<include refid="antriebsart_part" />
		<isEqual property="returnType" compareValue="fahrzeugart">
			<include refid="fahrzeugart_part" />

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