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From Gary Purnomosidi <g...@sequislife.com>
Subject Re: Javolution support?
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 04:14:48 GMT
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Well i'm building ordinary web application  using  ZK framework  +
iBatis  framework + other frameworks.
May be my application is not good enough to require real time java
programming but my code using extensive java collection like
For example, a database query that resulting in large results (large
size of List) the performance of the web server is kinda poor and it
might crash the java vm on the server if there are many user trying to
perform search from db at same time (I'm really worry about this).

There are 2 possible solutions that i really  think  to solve this
1. Using Javolution instead of ordinary java collection (free)
2. Using terracotta jvm clustering (but this is not free solution)

Clinton Begin wrote:
> Interesting.  What sort of application are you building that
> requires such a fine grained level of performance and time
> predictability?
> Cheers, Clinton
> On 11/1/06, * Gary Purnomosidi* <gary@sequislife.com
> <mailto:gary@sequislife.com>> wrote:
> Javolution supposed to be faster than ordinary java collection. The
>  goal of javolution is very simple which is *To make your
> application faster and more time predictable!
> *You can see the benchmark performance at
> http://javolution.org/doc/Javolution-Collections.pdf ** Regards,
> Gary
> Clinton Begin wrote:
>> Nope.  :-)
>> How much faster is FastList?
>> Cheers, Clinton
>> On 10/31/06, *Gary Purnomosidi* <gary@sequislife.com
> <mailto:gary@sequislife.com>
>> <mailto:gary@sequislife.com <mailto:gary@sequislife.com>>> wrote:
>> Hi, is there any support for javolution ( http://javolution.org/)
>>  as return type of query result in ibatis ? For example the query
>>  will return javolution.util.FastList instead of java.util.List.
>> Regards,
>> Gary
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