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From "Goel, Sachin" <sachin.g...@fidelity.co.in>
Subject loading a complex property structure using iBatis
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 11:46:40 GMT


I am having tough time in loading a complex property structure using iBatis
with Java 1.4.

I have got an array[addInfo] in top level object[Person], this array has
custom object[AddInfo] which has an object as property[Value].

The objective is to write sql-map in such a way that select query returns
one/list of person object(s) with array and all nested objects populated
with appropriate data.

Table : Person
Name : Varchar2
Age : Number
HomeTown : int
Status : int

Table : Home Town
Id : Int
Name : Varchar2

Table : Status
Id : int
Value : Varchar2

Object : 
	String name;
	int age;
	AddInfo[] addInfo;

	String Type;
	Value val;

Value {
int id;
String value;

The idea is to keep object structure flexible so that other types may be
added later(current one being : Home Town and Status]  with out changing
object structure, but in database they are stored as direct column values. 

Result map is 
	<resultMap id="persons" class="com.fil.bo.Person">
		<result property="name" column="name"/>
		<result property="age" column="age"/>

SQL is 
<select id="getPersons" resultMap="persons"
	SQL query with joins and dynamic clause

The point I am struggling is how to specify array and nested object in
result map and get them populated using iBatis.

Any help/Pointers, greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

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