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I haven't actually tried it myself, but in the developer guide it says in order to use namespaces, you must enable useStatementNamespaces in the "settings" elements of your SQL Map Xml config file. By default it is disabled.


On 04/11/06, Landry Soules <landry.p.soules@gmail.com> wrote:

I have an address sqlmap and a country sqlmap. Each defines a resultmap
in its own file.
I would like to refer to country resultmap in address sqlmap :

<select id="getCountry" parameterClass="string"
  select * from country where id = #value#

It should be possible, according to documentation, but i get an error :

com.ibatis.sqlmap.client.SqlMapException: There is no result map named
country.abatorgenerated_CountryResult in this SqlMap.
    at com.seenxl.persistence.DaoConfig.<clinit>(DaoConfig.java:40)
    ... 14 more

What am i doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help