I actually found a use for this and I am using it currently. Please don't ask me to go find it in my code as it's been months since I visited it, but I did find a valid use case for it.

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Subject: Re: [VOTE] Deprecate queryForObject ("statement", paramObject, resultObject)

Jeff Butler

On 11/5/06, Clinton Begin <clinton.begin@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

One more deprecation request before 2.3.

The version of queryForObject that takes both a parameterObject and a resultObject strikes me as both confusing and unecessary.  Originally I implemented it for two reasons:

So if you agree with the above, I'll deprecate this method signature for the 2.3 release. 

User Note:  Deprecation will only generate a warning, it will not break existing code or stop you from using it.  We just strongly recommend against it.

Please offer your +1/-1 vote!

Thanks much,