It's not just random - the parameters you supply must match what's required by your procedure.  In the example you gave, you had syntax like this:
 { ? = call ipgrouper_it2.load_validation.get_post_validation_report( ? )}
This implies that the first parameter (the first question mark) is an OUT parameter, and the second parameter is either IN or INOUT.
It might be clearer if you stopped using explicit parameter maps and used the inline syntax instead.
Jeff Butler

On 11/7/06, navrsale <> wrote:

I investigated further. I tried different combinations, with stored procedure
(one IN, one OUT parameter) and stored function (one IN parameter). None of
these combinations works. Either I get empty result set, or error
complaining about number or type of parameters for stored procedure. It
could be that Wiki example works as there are no input parameters to stored
function (I didn't try that because in my example I need input parameter).
In all of these examples I tried with ref cursor on physical table, just
like in Wiki examples. But none of these combinations works. It seems Oracle
ref cursors are not supported in current version if stored function has IN
parameter or if it is stored procedure.
If anybody has some other suggestions or hints please let me know..