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From "Joakim Olsson" <argo...@lingonpaj.com>
Subject Re: Complex Properties problem
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2007 11:26:21 GMT
> Joakim Olsson napisał(a):
>> I have had this problem since switching to Geronimo from a "clean"
>> Tomcat-environment too.
>> The problem is that Geronimo uses a newer version of CGLIB than iBatis
>> is
>> supporting.
>> I solved the problem by putting the correct version of cglib.jar in my
>> webapps lib-dir but I think it should also be possible to solve the
>> problem by using the <hidden-classes>-tag in the geronimo-web.xml to
>> mask
>> out the cglib-packages for your application.
> Uhm. From what I can see - my geronimo comes with cglib 2.1_3. Also
> Spring uses this version. In iBATIS documentation it says that it
> supports cglib 2.0, but I can't find this version anywhere (on
> cglib.sf.net there are only 2.1_3 and 2.2_beta). Also - are you sure
> that when iBATIS is set to useEnchancemnts="false" in sqlMapConfig, it
> uses cglib?
> Anyway I'll try with different application server in case it's geronimo
> problem.

I have tried with useEnhancements="false" as well but it didn't seem to
help. Turning off lazy loading helps but causes other problems in my app
since I depend on the lazy loading of course. :-D

I found the correct jar by Google but it wasn't easy to find. I can send
it to you tonight when I come home from work if you want it.

I think that <hidden-classes> can be used to mask out the cglib-package
from the classloader for your application though. There was a thread on
the Geronimo-list on hidden-classes just a couple of days ago.


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