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From Paul Benedict <pbened...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Can ibatis work with java object with constructor have parameters?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 01:01:41 GMT

I am happy with your response. Yes, I am trying to address a current 
failure in extensibility. I could do something with the RowHandler, 
except it's the wrong point in the lifecycle of the data mapper. A 
RowHandler gives you back an object -- but this is not ideal since I 
need to first determine if I have the object already. So in theory I am 
wasting memory and time to create objects I most likely will be tossing 

You could add to IBATIS this way:

* Allow me to attach a cache at the resultMap level.

* Add a @key attribute to a resultMap. This would flag one or multiple 
properties as being a primary key, and then ibatis could then, if a 
cache is present, check if an object already exists.

<resultMap id="roleMap" cacheModel="roleObjectCache">

* Add some other feature to allow flushing of a single object from the 
object cache.

And Tom Duffey writes:

 >> Jumping in a little late here but I do exactly this, and I use 
iBATIS *and*
 >> I don't require any new iBATIS features.  It's pretty simple:
 >> - Turn off iBATIS caching
 >> - Build a Factory layer that sites right about your iBATIS layer
 >> - Use something like ehcache, oscache, etc. in your factories along 
 >> some simple methods to ensure object identity

I already do this :-) I front my DAOs with a layer and use OSCache. 
However, this can get very tedious and tough to manage as the # of my 
DAOs grow. If this kind of caching at the object level can be built 
straight into ibatis, life would be easier.


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