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From "De Gaetano Giuseppe" <degaet...@PITAGORA.IT>
Subject R: iBatis Book - Lazy Loading Description
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2007 09:11:16 GMT
Hi, I am also new to ibatis.

I would like to know the title of the book you are using.

I am  interested in buying iBatis in action.  Have you read this book.






Da: Kuntz, Tim [mailto:tim_kuntz@pamperedchef.com] 
Inviato: venerdì 5 gennaio 2007 3.24
A: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Oggetto: iBatis Book - Lazy Loading Description


The new iBatis book describes lazy-loading as follows (pg 131).

"To use lazy loading, we need to edit the SqlMapConfig.xml file to enable it by changing the
lazyLoadingEnabled attribute to true in the <setting> element. If you want to use the
cglib enhanced version of lazy loading, you will want to download it, add it to your application's
classpath, and change the enhancementEnabled attribute of the <setting> element to true
as well."

After setting up a sample similar to that in the book, I noticed that lazy-loading only appears
to work correctly if BOTH lazyLoadingEnabled and enhancementEnabled are set to true. Running
the following code executes the selects as the objects are requested.

person = sqlMapper.queryForObject("Person.selectPerson"); // runs select ... from person

person.getAddress(); // runs select .. from address

person.getAddress().getState(); // runs select .. from state

Setting enhancementEnabled to false causes all of the select statements to execute initially.
Changing lazyLoadingEnabled to false doesn't change the behavior.

person = sqlMapper.queryForObject("Person.selectPerson"); // runs all 3 select statements



Is this correct behavior? If so, when would I benefit from lazyLoadingEnabled = "true"?

I'm using iBatis version



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