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From "Larry Meadors" <lmead...@apache.org>
Subject Re: problems with mailing list
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 15:07:41 GMT
Unsubscribe email sent.

For future reference (and the benefit of later searchers), there is a
form on the iBATIS site (on the mailing list page) that may help you
unsubscribe addresses that you can't send from, but do receive. It
takes a list name, and builds the address to email to unsubscribe.

In your case, the address to send to was:


On 1/9/07, Thomas Karl Schwaerzler <Thomas.Schwaerzler@uibk.ac.at> wrote:
> hello there,
> i got the following problem with this mailing list.
> somehow my mailing provider "managed" to "map" 2 adresses on one within my
> mailaccount.
> i guess therefore i allways get your mail to 2 adresses.
> my official adress is Thomas.Schwaerzler@uibk.ac.at
> and as far as i know this is identical with: c108308@uibk.ac.at
> i'd like to keep  Thomas.Schwaerzler@uibk.ac.at in your list, but cant
> find a way to unsubscribe as c108308@uibk.ac.at, because all mails i send
> from this adress are sent as Thomas.Schwaerzler@uibk.ac.at.
> maybe there is a way if i manipulate something, but i'm not too deep in
> mailservers and things like this.
> maybe someone can just kick my "other" address out of this list: c108308@uibk.ac.at
> thanks in advance for your effort
> tom
> Thomas Schwaerzler
> DEA Innsbruck
> Department for Digitisation and Digital Preservation
> University Innsbruck Library
> 6020 Innsbruck - Innrain 52 - Austria
> Phone: ++43-(0)512-507-2489
> Fax: ++43-(0)512-507-9842
> Email: <Thomas.Schwaerzler@uibk.ac.at>
> URL: http://www2.uibk.ac.at/ub/dea/

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