Basically speaking, the lazy-loading query is executing immediately, but the data is somehow not being set. So I'll query for an "id" property, but the data doesn't persist. If I remove the code from the constructor which invokes a method, the data will persist. Go figure! I don't know why, and so I hope Clinton will be able to help out: I sent him a simple example.

As to Larry's point, calling setters on a field defined on a class is kind of ancillary. It doesn't have to be setters -- it could be any method. But if you want to call setters, it is to allow defensive logic to run. Perhaps you want assertions or other kind of parameter checks in your mutators.


On 1/24/07, Niels Beekman <> wrote:
We ran into this issue by trying to reuse parameter validation code. It
can be worked around, but it's still something to be aware of (maybe on
the Wiki?).

Paul has a slightly different problem I think, since our method calls
triggered lazy loading, while Paul cannot load the data at all, if I'm
not mistaken.