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From Jonathan Tse <...@tsez.net>
Subject Re: Strange behaviour when column is null
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2007 10:28:57 GMT
Hi Albert,

    I eventually figure out what the problem is. And it seems that it is 
a bug or something...
    The strangest things is , if I move the position of the result tag 
of path  above the result tag of listPrice , everything work fine!!! If 
I move it back, the problem persist .... No code changed. Just the 
position of the result tag!!!! ..........

I guess it is something related to primitive double type ....

Best regards,

p.s. : Supply with part of the source code if you guys want to further 
investigate it.

    The pojo actually look like this:

    private Long productId;
    private Long categoryId;
    private String name;
    private String description;
    private String productCode;
    private double listPrice;
    private int quantity;
    private String path;
    private boolean hot;
    private int status;

    And the resultMap

    <resultMap id="productResult" class="product">
        <result property="productId" column="product_id" />
        <result property="name" column="name" />
        <result property="description" column="description" />
        <result property="path" column="imagepath" />
        <result property="categoryId" column="categoryid" />
        <result property="listPrice" column="listprice" />
        <result property="hot" column="hot" />
        <result property="status" column="status" />

Albert Aymerich wrote:
> Just try defining the column jdbc type in the resultMap for each column that can
> be nullable. 
> Hope this can help.
> Albert

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