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From Allan Kamau <kamaual...@yahoo.com>
Subject Unable to filter using Abator generated example class.
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 08:14:22 GMT
I am unable to reduce (by filteration) the returned query results using the example class and
it's Criteria object.
I have generated ibatis classes and the sql map file(s) using Abator having "generatorSet"
attribute of the <abatorContext> configuration element set to 'Java5'.

The code (using spring) below returns all the entries in the database without applying the
filter. A manually written select query for people_id='0008' returns a subset of the rows
in the table.

/**Client code section of query using the example class **/
        PeopleExample peopleExample=(PeopleExample)context.getBean("peopleExample");
        PeopleExample.Criteria criteria=peopleExample.createCriteria();

        List<People> peoples=peopleDAO.selectByExample(peopleExample);
        for(Iterator<People> i=peoples.iterator();i.hasNext();)

This code below works as expected, it only correctly applies the filter
/**Client codelet issuing a query directly via the Dao object **/
        String s_l_p_p_v_i=null;People people=null;
        for (int i=0; i < 1; i++) {
            //peopleDao.getByNameAndRunDate("foo", today);
            people=peopleDAO.selectByPrimaryKey(new Long(404));

Where can I be going wrong?


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