I think, maybe the’re ordering directly from Manning. I don’t think they order from Amazon J




From: Clinton Begin []
Sent: zaterdag 17 februari 2007 20:46
Subject: Re: iBATIS in Action


Did you order it from Manning directly or Amazon?   Let me know and I'll give them a boot.  ;-)

Hopefully it means they're sold out!


On 2/17/07, Niels Beekman <> wrote:


Ordered the book about a month ago, but got nothing :(

I received an email last Friday from the shop which (translated) states the following:

"Ibatis in Action (Begin, Clinton), code 1932394826
Despite our continuous efforts we did not receive a shipment from our supplier, nor did we receive a shipment date.
If you would like to cancel your order, click the following link: <snip>"

Clinton and others, can't you threaten your publisher to work harder? :P


From: Nathan Maves []
Sent: maandag 5 februari 2007 17:55
Subject: iBATIS in Action


I happened to be next to a Barnes and Nobel yesterday so I thought I would swing by the Java section and see if they had the book. They only have 2 now that I snagged my copy. Great to see that this community has something out there in the press.

As a reviewer of this book I can not express how invaluable this book is. Make sure to pick one up as soon as you can. Every user from a novice to expert will get great use of this book. Part 4 iBATIS Recipes will hit home with most developers. I am sure there is something that you have been struggling with or soon will that they section will help you through.

I wanted to give my thanks to the authors. Clinton, Larry and Brandon have been a great resource for me as well as the entire community. In a time when everything has a price they continue to share the in depth knowledge and experiences with the world. They set the bar high for the rest of us and I can only hope to give back a portion of what they have already given.


Nathan Maves