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From "Meindert" <meind...@pastelebusiness.com>
Subject RE: Retrieving wrong result out of the Cache.
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 10:58:12 GMT
Upgrading to version 3 didn't fix it.


I had a closer look at the cache hit statement:

Cache 'Employee.selectEmpNameCache': retrieved object

This 3 at the end of the cache object is the value put in my ID field.


That sounds a bit cryptic, let's explain it this way:

I've got a employee with EmpID = 2 and a code = '2' 


When I request this employee and he is not in the cache I would:

Select EmpID, code FROM table Where EmpID=2

And get EmpID = 2 and a code = '2' 


No I do a cache hit for this same employee and it will retrieve object

Now I got a employee with (wrong) EmpId = 3 and the (correct) Code = '2'


Why is the id/address of the cache object placed into my result object?



From: Jeff Butler [mailto:jeffgbutler@gmail.com] 
Sent: 16 March 2007 11:34 AM
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Re: Retrieving wrong result out of the Cache.


What version of iBATIS are you using?  There was a problem with caching, but
it was fixed quite a while ago.


Jeff Butler


On 3/16/07, Meindert <meindert@pastelebusiness.com> wrote: 

Anyone who knows what I'm doing wrong or is encountering the same issue?


>Hi there, 


My cache is returning the wrong ID, for instance the statement

Select ID from X where ID=3 is returning not 3!


Here are the code sniplets I have that are producing the wrong data (after
the cache has been populated)


Requesting the employee with diary.getDiaryEmpId()=3

EmpName empName = (EmpName) queryForObject("selectEmpName",


The SQL 

<cacheModel id="selectEmpNameCache" type="LRU">

    <flushInterval hours="12"/>

    <flushOnExecute statement="updateEmployee"/>

    <property name="cache-size" value="25"/>


  <select id="selectEmpName" parameterClass="int" resultClass="EmpName"

    SELECT EmplMain.EmpId, CompanyId, EmplName, Surname, NickName, Code,
Email, Telephone1, Telephone2

       FROM EmplMain

       JOIN EmplProfile ON EmplProfile.EmpId = EmplMain.EmpId

       WHERE  EmplMain.EmpId=#value# AND EmplMain.IsActiveEmployee=1



Results in fetching Employee out of cache 

DEBUG [http-8084-Processor22] - Cache 'Employee.selectEmpNameCache':
retrieved object 'com.pastel.ess.domain.EmpName@1' 


The resulting object has as Empid 1 and not 3!

All other field values are correct.






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