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From Graeme J Sweeney <ibatis.u...@gjsweeney.com>
Subject Re: Locale problems?
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 12:09:48 GMT
On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, andrew.kitchen@kattare.com wrote:

> I think the two errors are unconnected. The unparseable 'date' shown is
> from the dob column not the lastLogin column. I think that is a red
> herring. I have no idea why 'lastLogin' is causing an issue as well.

The value is from the dob column but iBatis, according to the error, is
assigning it to the lastLogin paramater (?).

I would turn on all the logging and check what java.sql.* is sending and

Something like this in log4j:


Can you confirm both servers are running the same MySQL version?
Check for another MySQL connector on the classpath.

Graeme -

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