The typehandlers work fine when explicitly specifying then on the result element, but I thought that they would be used automatically if the types matched.

On 30/03/07, Nathan Maves <> wrote:
Can you post the result map of where you specify to use this type handler.


On 3/29/07, Mikael Andersson <> wrote:
I wonder how typehandlers are resolved.

Currently I am defining a couple of typehandlers in the main config file, and for some reason they aren't applied to matching results?

Typehandler registration:
    <typeHandler javaType="boolean"
    <typeHandler javaType="boolean"

Not sure I needed to define it twice, but did it just in case.

Previously with simple resultMaps they type handler seems to have been applied without problems.
The result map it currently doesn't work for is using the discriminator tag, not sure if that can be the reason?

Also in my experience for simple mappings were the result map isn't needed (plain <select>) the type handler isn't applied, is this correct?