No, this is a Java question.

I did do that:

In sql-map-config.xml:
<typeAlias alias="MyModelList" type="mypackage.MyModelList"/>

Any other thoughts?  It still seems to want to return a List.


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I I think you are in the wrong list, you must subscribe/post to the .net list.
you must use the listClass attribut by setting it as the type alias to the MyModelList type


On Dec 10, 2007 9:21 PM, Joshua Kahn <> wrote:
Forgive me if this is obvious, but I am an iBatis newbie.

In my model object, I have a property that is a custom collection:
      |-- MyModelList (collection of MyModel objects -- implements List, extends ArrayList)

In my SqlMap, I have defined a separate select query to retrieve this collection, which returns a List of MyModel objects.  This, however, causes an IllegalArgumentException at runtime as the setter is expecting a MyModelList and not a List.  There is an easy way to code around this, but I am curious if there is a best practice for implementing/mapping this in iBatis.

How does iBatis handle strongly typed custom collections? (I did find a reference to a SqlMap property "listClass" but it seems to have been deprecated in version 2).


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