Here's one way to do it.  First make this class...
public class MyCriteria extends XYZExample.Criteria {
  public MyCriteria addCustomCriteria(String value) {
    addCriterion("col1 || \"\" like", value, "col1");
    return this;
Then use it like this...
XYZExample example = new XYZExample();
MyCriteria myCriteria = new MyCriteria();
myCriteria.addCustomCriteria("some value");
List answer = dao.selectByExample(example);
Jeff Butler

On Dec 12, 2007 2:47 PM, Vinaya Tirikkovalluru <> wrote:



I have a case where I need to do the following


Select * from abc.XYZ where col1 || "" Like (some value)


How do I do that?

I tried extending the Example class and Criteria. Had some problems, though.


Was hoping somebody might have done it earlier.




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