2008/1/4, Stephen Boyd <swboyd@gmail.com>:
what version of db2?  I have not seen a sqlstate of FFFFF before with db2 v8+

On Jan 2, 2008 2:49 AM, Curro <fcopavon@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi and happy new year for everyone...
This is one of the querys that is failing
<resultMap id="imagenModel" class="beans.ImagenModelBean">
 <result property="idImagen"   column="ID_IMAGEN" />  
 <result property="cdgoTipoImagen"  column="CDGO_TIPO_IMG"/>
 <result property="fileName"   column="FILE_NAME"/>
 <result property="contentType"   column="CONTENT_TYPE"/>
 <result property="length"   column="LENGTH"/>
 <result property="imagenBlob"   column="IMAGEN" jdbcType="BLOB"/>
 <result property="idModelo"   column="ID_MODELO" />
<sql id="getImagen">
<select id="getImageByPk" parameterClass=" beans.ImagenModelBean" resultMap="imagenModeloCoche">
 <include refid="getImagen"/>
  schema.T_IMAGES imagen,
      schema.T_MODELS modelo
      LEFT OUTER JOIN schema.T_MODEL_PZ as clase
       ON modelo.CDGO_CLASE_PLZ = clase.CDGO_CLASE_PLZ
  imagen.ID_IMAGEN = $idImagen$
  AND imagen.ID_MODELO = modelo.ID_MODELO
The only error code that i have is this:  SQL state [FFFFF]; error code [-4];
I hope that anyone can help me.

2007/12/18, Abhigyan Agrawal1 <abhigyan_agrawal@in.ibm.com>:
     To solve the problem, I will require the error code and the query
that is failing. All other queries without BLOB (in same table) are working
in both, right?

Abhigyan Agrawal

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            17/12/2007 14:30                                           cc

            Please respond to         Problem with DB2 and BLOB!!


I have a problem with all the querys that work with BLOB data in DB2 v8.1.
In my local site (Windows) works fine, but in production (Unix) don't work,
this is the log error:

---> SqlMapClient operation; uncategorized SQLException for SQL []; SQL
state [FFFFF]; error code [-4];

        --- The error occurred in mySqlMap.xml.

        --- The error occurred while executing query.  .

        --- Check the SQL Statement (preparation failed).

        --- Cause: java.sql.SQLException: DB2JDBCCursor Received Error in
Method describe:RETURN CODE==> -4 SQLSTATE ==> FFFFF Error Tokens ==> <<DB2
8.1 SQLJ/JDBC>> ; nested exception is
com.ibatis.common.jdbc.exception.NestedSQLException :

I'm using ibatis

Any idea?