If it’s an inner join, properly indexed, it shouldn’t be too bad....


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Yes, we have begun experimenting with discriminators and subMaps.  But, I want to avoid a 15 table join...


On 1/30/08, Clinton Begin <clinton.begin@gmail.com> wrote:

Unfortunately that's not possible in Java, let alone with iBATIS. 


If you're just trying to create subclasses based on a type column in the database, look up "discriminator" in the ibatis documentation or mailing list archives...




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Subject: Safe to replace valueObject in RowHandler?



Trying to be more specific:


Is it safe to create another object in the handleRow method, and set the valueObject to it?


Is it safe to use queryForObject from within a handleRow method?  I've seen other posts that imply it is.


Will that object then replace the original one, if it was created by a queryForList or queryForObject call?  If I don't hear back, I guess I'll try it to see...


On 1/29/08, Hugh Ross <hh4ross@gmail.com> wrote:


I have the good fortune to work on a large domain model, part of which uses too much inheritance.  I don't want to use a huge outer join with 15 or 20 tables in it.  I'm wondering if I can use RowHandlers to help.  In particular, is it possible for a RowHandler to replace the object passed to the handleRow method?




public void handleRow (Object valueObject)
   throws SQLException {
   Person person = (Person) valueObject;
   valueObject = MyFactory.createSubClassObject( person );


Any other sample solutions to this kind of problem are also most welcome...