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From "Chris Marshall" <ch...@campsbayterrace.com>
Subject iBATIS insert does not execute
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 12:10:05 GMT
I have spent a couple of days on this and have read the FAQ and
googled without success, so hope I can get some help:
I am trying to persist an instance of the class:

public class Role {
    private Integer roleid;
    private Integer parentid;
    private String name;
    private String notes;

    public Integer getRoleid() {
        return roleid;

with role_SqlMap.xml the snipprt:

  <insert id="insert" parameterClass="net.mycompany.Role">
    insert into role (RoleID, ParentID, Name, Notes)
    values (#roleid:INTEGER#, #parentid:INTEGER#, #name:VARCHAR#,

and the java statement:

sqlMap.insert("role.insert", role);

which generates the folloing log entry:

DEBUG [http-8888-Processor4] - {conn-100009} Preparing Statement:
insert into role (RoleID, ParentID, Name, Notes)     values (?, ?, ?,

but no Executing Statement: or Parameters: entries.
Also no exception is thrown nor is anything writtent to the (MySQL)  database.

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