What is your overall plan for deployment. Do you have sql scripts that get run against the target database to build the tables and such? How will you configure the connection url? What i've done in the past is to simply have a property file that contains the select key sql in it. I pass this property file in when my sqlmap is loaded and use the ${selectQuery} notation in my sqlmap.


On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 9:29 AM, Chris Marshall <chris@campsbayterrace.com> wrote:
Sorry to bug you again but I think that the problem is related to
passing a null primary key in the insert statement when the key is
autogenerated (by MySQL).
What is the best practice here?  I have tried the following MySQL
specific SqlMap snippet with success, but was hoping for a solution
portable among databases:

 <insert id="insert" parameterClass="net.mycompany.Role">
         <selectKey resultClass="java.lang.Integer" keyProperty="roleid">
               select LAST_INSERT_ID() AS value
   insert into role (RoleID, ParentID, Name, Notes)
   values (#roleid:INTEGER#, #parentid:INTEGER#, #name:VARCHAR#,

Thanks Chris

On 18/04/2008, Brandon Goodin <brandon.goodin@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is this the only insert that is not working for you? Do you have others that
> are working? What version of iBATIS are you using?
> Brandon Goodin