I'm having some trouble with the syntax of removeFirstPrepend. I have a procedure that I am attempting to invoke and all of the parameters are optional. SO I've embedded the content within the dynamic tag as documented and specified on each conditional element removeFirstPrepend="true", but the first content that is included does not get its prepend character "," removed and the SQL is invalid.

What am I missing?

  <procedure id="listCustomer" parameterClass="Customer" resultMap="CustomerResult">
    { call ${listCustomer_sp}
      <dynamic open="(" close=")">
        <isNotEmpty property="customerNumber" prepend="," removeFirstPrepend="true">
          @CustomerNumber = #customerNumber,jdbcType=VARCHAR,javaType=java.lang.String,mode=IN#
        <isNotEmpty property="customerName" prepend="," removeFirstPrepend="true">
          @CustomerName = #customerName,jdbcType=VARCHAR,javaType=java.lang.String,mode=IN#
        <isNotEmpty property="customerClass" prepend="," removeFirstPrepend="true">
          @CustomerClass = #customerClass,jdbcType=VARCHAR,javaType=java.lang.String,mode=IN#


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