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From "Josh Joy" <joshjd...@gmail.com>
Subject Dynamic queries w/o using <dynamic> tags in sql?
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 20:37:55 GMT

If I have an sql like the following...

<select id="updateEmployees" >

     Update  emp

      <dynamic prepend="WHERE">


            <isNotEmpty prepend="AND" property="id">



            <isNotEmpty prepend="OR" property="name">





Is there a way to instruct Ibatis to ignore nulls without having to actually
use a dynamic tag? I would just like to set my bean entity with the
properties that I want updated, and leave null the ones I want to ignore...

I know in Hibernate there is a way to do this, is there an equivalent in
Ibatis? It seems like a lot of xml code to write for all my updates...

Is this not a best practice not to have dynamic updates, because I'm unsure
why I would have to explicitly set this in the XML? As far as I know, SQL
updates (unless using a specific database vendor call) are on a per table
basis. Is it not recommended to have an entity and not always have to update
all the fields? If I wanted to modify the Ibatis API for my own needs for
the updates, where would someone recommend I start?



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