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From E <ev...@michevan.id.au>
Subject Sharing iBATIS XML files between java applications
Date Tue, 02 Jun 2009 05:13:17 GMT

I have a common library of code "C" that is shared between two separate 
java applications, "A" and "B".

C includes a set of iBATIS XML files and related java classes that are 
used by both programs.

However, each of A and B have some additional classes and XML files that 
are to be used as well as the common ones from C.  (All code is talking 
to the same database.)

So far I have three possible solutions, none of which are ideal.

1) Refactor all iBATIS related classes and XML from A and B into C, so 
it's all in the one "module".

2) Have each of my main SQL Map XML configuration files also do <sqlMap 
resource="..."> for the XML resource files that are in C - which is a 
maintenance headache.

3) Create two SqlMapClient objects, one for C, and one for the 
application I happen to be in (either A or B).

Any feedback on a better way to do this would be appreciated.


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