I am not sure about iBatis taking care of connection pooling. But I had a situation similar to you I have noticed that the creation of the connection and closing the connection is taken care by iBatis. I have seen that in the production environment, where we have almost 100 concurrent user, there were only 4 connections. We did not have any issues with the connections till now.


I am trying to establish a connection pooling now.

But see the attached reply to my question.




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Hi All;


I've been using IBATIS on our back end for some time. I am using simple datasource and I haven't configured any database connection pool in the configuration xml. I am wondering if there's a default connection pool setting when that's the case(does ibatis by default take care of connection pooling?) or does it mean that all the traffic is processed over one jdbc connection?
If latter is the case, I feel like having a connection pool will increase the performance significantly. Our system might process upto 1000 requests per second, under forementioned assumptions what would be ideal connection pool size?
Hoping to hear from you.
Thanks for the awesome product and help in advance.


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