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From Ingmar Lötzsch <iloetz...@asci-systemhaus.de>
Subject Re: Populating a Pojo with two ArrayLists
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 11:11:01 GMT
> I'm trying to populate a pojo with two array lists and my code doesn't do
> what I intended
> The pojo has two arrayLists as memebers one called 'dates' the other
> 'values'

Why can't you create

class DateValuePair
	private Date date;

	private Double value;

	... getter, setter

and query for List<DateValuePair>?

> The mapper XML file I have set up looks like this
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <!DOCTYPE mapper
> PUBLIC "-//ibatis.apache.org//DTD Mapper 3.0//EN"
> "http://ibatis.apache.org/dtd/ibatis-3-mapper.dtd">
> <mapper namespace="com.aimhedge.trading.database.BackAdjFutureMapper">
> 	<resultMap id="futureMap" type="DataMap">
> 		<collection property="dates" javaType="ArrayList" ofType="Date">
> 			<id property="date" column="date" javaType="Date" jdbcType="DATE"/>
> 		</collection>
> 		<collection property="values" javaType="ArrayList" ofType="Double">
> 			<id property="value" column="value" javaType="Double" jdbcType="DOUBLE"/>
> 		</collection>
> 	</resultMap>
> 	<select id="selectBackAdjFuture" parameterType="BackAdjFuture"
> resultMap="futureMap">
>   		select date, value 
>   		from back_adj_future
> 		where feed = #{feed}
> 		and instrument = #{instrument}
> 		and periodicity = #{periodicity}
> 		and field = #{field}
> 		and date <![CDATA[<]]> str_to_date('19980721','%Y%m%d')
> 		and date <![CDATA[>]]> str_to_date('19980701','%Y%m%d')
> 	</select>
> </mapper>

Example in iBATIS 2 syntax (I'm not familiar with iBATIS 3):

<resultMap id="futureMap" resultClass="com...DateValuePair">
	<result property="date" column="date" jdbcType="DATE">
	<result property="value" column="value" jdbcType="NUMERIC">

<select id="selectBackAdjFuture" parameterClass="BackAdjFuture"
	SELECT date, value
	FROM back_adj_future
	WHERE feed = #feed#
	AND instrument = #instrument#
	AND periodicity = #periodicity#
	AND field = #field#
	AND str_to_date('19980721', '%Y%m%d') > date
	AND date > str_to_date('19980701', '%Y%m%d')

(You can avoid the CDATA sections "inverting" the "<" to ">".)

> When I run the code, instead of having both one array list populated with
> dates and the other with values both seem to contain dates. Can anyone point
> out where I am going wrong? I'm new to iBatis and my use of collections is
> probably wrong. One of my issues is that the value field isn't unique so
> setting it as an id is probably wrong.

If you can't avoid the representation of your data using class DataMap
then write a few lines and create the instance outside iBATIS based on
the List<DateValuePair>.

Also seems, that you can use BackAdjFuture instead of the additional
class DateValuePair. Another approach is to use HashMap as result class.

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