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From Carlos Pita <carlosjosep...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Unconstrained signature interface mappers for ibatis 3
Date Mon, 31 Aug 2009 03:02:38 GMT
> DAOs have become the boilerplate in my opinion.
> ActionBean(Stripes) > Service(POJO) > Mapper(iBATIS)

Interesting. I dare to say that your point of view is clearly influenced by your
use of ibatis, isn't it? I can hardly imagine programming a services tier with
verbose jdbc or obscure hql embedded. ibatis gets rid of most of the
persistence concerns encapsulating them inside the mapper (I mean, the
xml one). So it's logical to (learn to) stop worrying and love the mapper.
And to conclude that DAOs are boilerplate.

> I don't think you'd have to patch the code... You can implement your own
> SqlSessionFactory and SqlSession instances, decorated with your

On second thought a completely external proxy that has access to the
configuration and sqlSession is more than enough for my needs.
The api exposed by ibatis will suffice, there's no need for
extension points. MapperMethod will be a valuable guideline for the
implementation. I really don't care about session.getMapper() returning
different proxies according to the enhance setting state or
things like that. I'm grown enough to instantiate my own proxies :).

Anyway I will let the idea of discarding daos mature for a while
before putting hands to work.

Thanks again.

Best regards

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