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2009/8/8 Nathan Maves <>
A month ago iBATIS turned 7 years old, and while we're celebrating a
little late, today we're happy to announce iBATIS 3 for Java. iBATIS 3
is a complete rewrite from the ground up and thus represents the
biggest change since the very first version of iBATIS released in
2002. There are a lot of modern features that take advantage of Java
5. iBATIS 3 includes simplified design and some great new tools for
helping you build great database driven applications. iBATIS 3 carries
forward all of the principles that have made iBATIS popular. There are
still no required 3rd party dependencies, it's simpler than ever, and
yet far more powerful! More information will come in the next few days
to help you get started.
Introducing the iBATIS Schema Migration System

Along with iBATIS 3, we're happy to introduce the iBATIS Schema
Migration System (or iBATIS Migrations for short). This powerful tool
was inspired by Rails Migrations and similar tools like dbdeploy to
enable good database change management practices, help teams to work
concurrently without stepping all over each other and avoid having to
centralize database changes. Once you work this way, you'll find it
very hard to work any other way again. Developers and DBAs will
appreciate it equally.

You can find the new artifacts including the new jar files and manuals
at the URL below.

We will send out an email as soon as we get the artifacts out on the
Maven repositories.

iBatis Team

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