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From Dominik Mähl <emiss...@dsnine.com>
Subject IBatis 3 Beta 3 - No grouping on id properties
Date Wed, 30 Sep 2009 10:26:21 GMT

we're currently evaluating iBatis 3 for a project after using iBatis 2 in
its predecessor.

One of our developers encountered that beta 3 does not honor the id property
(it is defined on a primary key)
so that no grouping takes place when using collections filled via joins.

I've checked out the current svn trunk and the problem seems to be fixed
there. My remaining question is: How
thoroughly is iBatis 3 tested? Is it safe to build upon for a product which
will probably be released Q2/Q3 2010?

We're happy to provide bug reports should we encounter other bugs but I was
surprised that a bug in such a
"critical" functionality still exists. I thought, collections via joins are
a often used feature :)

On a side note: apparently trunk currently always enhances classes with
cglib. Why was the option to disable this removed?

I hope I don't sound too rude or harsh, I'm just a great fan of iBatis.

Dominik <emissary@dsnine.com>

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