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From "Gustavo Henrique Sberze Ribas" <gri...@cpqd.com.br>
Subject RE: Property/Field resolution order
Date Tue, 08 Sep 2009 14:16:09 GMT
> Does anyone actually care if iBATIS uses getter/setters instead of
fields directly?

  I don't care, as long as it keeps support to java beans
getters/setters or implement some sort of column to method mapping like
Brandon suggested.

  We have a special float point data array stored as a blob in the
database. We then take advantage of iBATIS getters/setters support to do
the conversion. Here's an example:

public class JBean {

   private float[] dataPoints;

   // Used only by iBATIS
   protected byte[] getPointsAsByteStream() {
     // uncanny reconversion

   // Used only by iBATIS
   protected void setPointsAsByteStream(byte[] points) {
     // uncanny conversion

   // Used by all others
   public float[] getDataPoints() { return dataPoints; }
   public void setDataPoints(float[] points) { this.dataPoints = points;

<resultMap class="JBean" id="jbeanResultMap">
    <result property="pointsAsByteStream" column="POINTS"
jdbcType="BLOB" />


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