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From Carlos Pita <carlosjosep...@gmail.com>
Subject Lazy loading differences between ibatis 2 and 3
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2009 16:45:03 GMT
Hi all,

I've the following sqlmap for ibatis 2. Suppose ibatis has its
lazy-loading feature enabled and I obtain a user U by means of
findUserById. Then I call U.getEmail() and findMemberById is not
executed. That's fine, one wouldn't expect the associated member to be
loaded until there is a real need for it. Of course, if then I call
U.getMember().getDescription() findMemberById does execute its select,
in due time. That said, for ibatis 3 the same example executes
findMemberById as soon as U.getEmail() is invoked, loading the member
before time. That's not surprising if one inspects the code of
ResultObjectProxy (relevant parts copied below). Is this intended to
work the way it does or is it a bug?

<sqlMap namespace="User">

	<resultMap id="userMap" class="User">
        <result property="email" column="email"/>
        <result property="member" column="member_id" select="findMemberById"/>

	<resultMap id="memberMap" class="Member">
        <result property="description" column="description"/>

	<select id="findUserById" resultMap="userMap">
		select * from qpoint_user where id = #id#

	<select id="findMemberById" resultMap="memberMap">
		select * from cpp_member where member_id = #id#


public class ResultObjectProxy {

   public Object invoke(Object o, Method method, Object[] args) throws
Throwable {
      try {
        if (!Object.class.equals(method.getDeclaringClass()) &&
PropertyNamer.isGetter(method.getName())) {
            lazyLoader.loadAll(); <-- this loads all asociations for
every getter invoked on this proxy
        return method.invoke(target, args);
      } catch (Throwable t) {
        throw ExceptionUtil.unwrapThrowable(t);


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