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From "Eduardo M. Cavalcanti" <ecavalca...@eversystems.com.br>
Subject CommitRequired attribute of transactionManager in iBatis 3
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 20:42:21 GMT
The CommitRequired attribute of transactionManager, present in iBatis 2 
is no longer necessary in iBatis 3?

Quote from iBatis 2 manual:

"The <transactionManager> element also allows an optional attribute 
commitRequired that can be true or
false. Normally iBATIS will not commit transactions unless an insert, 
update, or delete operation has been
performed. This is true even if you explicitly call the 
commitTransaction() method. This behavior
creates problems in some cases. If you want iBATIS to always commit 
transactions, even if no insert,
update, or delete operation has been performed, then set the value of 
the commitRequired attribute to true.
Examples of where this attribute is useful include:

1. If you call a stored procedures that updates data as well as 
returning rows. In that case you would
call the procedure with the queryForList() operation – so iBATIS would 
not normally commit the
transaction. But then the updates would be rolled back.
2. In a WebSphere environment when you are using connection pooling and 
you use the JNDI
<dataSource> and the JDBC or JTA transaction manager. WebSphere requires 
all transactions on
pooled connections to be committed or the connection will not be 
returned to the pool."

How to proceed in iBatis 3 in the example cases mentioned?

Thank you.

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