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From Guy Rouillier <guyr-...@burntmail.com>
Subject Re: Ibator for ibatis 3
Date Thu, 18 Feb 2010 08:15:09 GMT
On 2/17/2010 11:00 AM, Jeff Butler wrote:
> I've learned the hard way not to make projections as to when something
> will be completed :)
> I need to make some updates to the Ibator documentation, and then go
> through the arduous release process - not too fun.  I'm also using
> Ibator and iBATIS3 on a new project, so I have added a few new
> features to Ibator to make my own coding life easier.
> I can say that I'm using Ibator and iBATIS3 nearly every day for real
> work and have run into very few troubles.  When will there be a new
> release?  I always say "soon, hopefully".

Thanks, as always.  I just did a fresh checkout from SVN and tried to do 
a build.  I ran into a bit of trouble.  I've not developed an Eclipse 
plug-in before, so I don't really understand how all the pieces fit 
together.  So, I did the following:

(1) In Eclipse, I created a new project for core, since it didn't have 
one.  I ran a Maven build and it completed successfully and created a 
file called ibator-core-1.2.2.jar, which I copied into 

(2) I imported projects for eclipse/core, eclipse/doc and eclipse/ui. 
core and ui built automatically.  But there is no task to generate the 
JAR file, so I ran export.

(3) The doc project ran into some trouble due to obsolete paths.  Here 
are the changes I had to make:

<packageset dir="../../core/src" />
<packageset dir="../../core/ibator-core/src" />

<fileset dir="../../core/htmldoc">
<fileset dir="../../core/ibator-core/doc/html">

Now buildDoc.xml completed successfully, but again no JAR was generated. 
  So I had to do that manually by looking at the contents of a previous 
version.  Amounted to creating a bin directory and copying html/*, 
META-INF/*, LICENSE and NOTICE, then JARring the results.

I haven't assembled the results into an update site yet, but I'll try 
that tomorrow.  Please let me know if I'm making this harder than 
necessary.  Would be great for the final release if all this was automatic.


Guy Rouillier

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