The original question sort of implied an answer, which might have us all missing the goals. 

For example, to map directly to XML, there's no need to replace the ResultSetHandler.  Perhaps the confusion is that the op might have been referring to Spring's ResultSetHandler, which is a completely different construct. 

In iBATIS, if you want to support a different result type, it's done at a much different level.

The ObjectWrapperFactory interface is a sort of plug-in that allows iBATIS to be extended to support different types (like Scala objects, or XML).  The only two supported by iBATIS out of the box are Java POJOs/Beans and Maps (like HashMap). 

The interface is pretty simple.  However I recommend looking at the other implementations, including the Scala one, to see how it should be implemented.

public interface ObjectWrapperFactory {
  boolean hasWrapperFor(Object object);
  ObjectWrapper getWrapperFor(MetaObject metaObject, Object object); 


On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 2:20 AM, Stephen Friedrich <> wrote:
I am also interested in this feature:
Much of my code uses ibatis to generate beans, then works on those.
However I have existing code that takes an Excel-template and a JDBC
result set and fills the excel file using apache poi.
I would very much like to re-use the existing ibatis-queries (including
their dynamic parts).

Another option for me would be to somehow get the final SQL statement and
parameters, then execute that statement myself. Is that possible somehow?

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Betreff: Custom ResultSet handler

I am a newbie to ibatis and I want to figure out where iBatis would fit to
solve my requirements.

Is it possible in iBatis 3.0 (or 2.x) to provide my own ResultSet handler? I
read the documentation and it is seems that I would have to use a plugin to
do that. Are there any samples on how to do it? Can I specify what plug-in I
want to use for specific select elements? For some queries I want to leave
to iBatis to do the mapping for others I want to specify my own handler.

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