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From Branko ─îibej <br...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Integration with external platforms.
Date Sun, 03 May 2015 02:45:27 GMT
On 29.04.2015 12:07, Vladimir Ozerov wrote:
> My opinion is that a product created for particular platform (say, Python),
> should not smell Java. Spring XML is a nice standard in Java community. But
> I do not think that regular Node.JS/Python/Ruby/.Net/CPP developer knows
> what Spring is.

Oh, we know what Spring is ... it's just extremely Java-centric. Or
shall we say, JVM-centric.

> Furthermore, for now it is extremely hard to define native components in
> Spring configuration. E.g., here is a short XML snippet on what native .Net
> cache store configuration with a single int property looks like in Spring
> (taken from GridGain):
> <property name="cacheStoreFactory">
>     <bean
> class="org.gridgain.grid.interop.dotnet.InteropDotNetCacheStoreFactory">
>         <property name="assemblyName" value="GridGainTest"/>
>         <property name="className"
> value="GridGain.Cache.Store.GridCacheTestStore"/>
>         <property name="properties">
>             <map>
>                 <entry key="myProperty">
>                     <value type="java.lang.Integer">42</value>
>                 </entry>
>             </map>
>         </property>
>     </bean>
> </property>
> Here we force user to know Spring synthax and that Spring will treat any
> map entry key/value as String unless it is explicitly stated that other
> type is needed. Looks ugly and difficult.

Exactly. Outside the Java world, platform/language agnostic interfaces
are defined in some flavour of standard-ish IDL. Or in this case, DDL.

> Instead user want to have something like this defined using some
> industry-approved format for his platform:
> <storeFactory>
>     <GridGainTest#GridGain.Cache.Store.GridCacheTestStore myProperty=42 />
> </storeFactory>
> I cannot say anything about DSL as I never worked with any, but I am 100%
> sure that Spring XML is not an option for most other platforms.

Oh, theoretically, anyone can write code that consumes and generates
Spring XML. I'm just not sure that it makes sense to carry along all the
complexity for something that's, essentially, a simple structure definition.

Have you considered using the Apache Thrift IDL to define the
interfaces? That avoids inventing yet another structural definition
language, it's well-established and far more readable than XML, and
binding generators for many scripting and compiled languages have
already been written. IIRC you can use Thrift interfaces without the
protocol baggage.

-- Brane

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